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>Lemonade Day Recipe Contest

> Last Saturday, I was a judge at the Lemonade Day Recipe Contest at the Children’s Museum and Theater of Maine.  I was entertained by nonchalantly answering, ‘Oh, judging a little kids’ lemonade contest,’ when asked what my plans were for the … Continue reading

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>Leaving Maine

>Yeah, you read that right, I’m moving.  Why?!?  I’m not entirely sure myself, but blame it on the man.  He’s gone- found a great job- I shall follow and hope to be so lucky.  I’m leaving at the end of … Continue reading

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>Petite Jacqueline Review

> I’m sensing an upheaval. As you may know, Local 188 has been my go-to restaurant in town for a spur of the moment, quality, moderately priced dinner.  I know their white fish special will always be good, they have … Continue reading

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>Burger-o-rama: Homemade Burger

> Last burger post for a while- thankfully not because we are burnt out on them, a la Thai-o-rama.  But no, after a diner, a pub, and a fine dining burger, time to put your meat where you mouth is … Continue reading

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>District Burger

> This burger-o-rama thing is making me pay way more attention to people’s burger recommendations.  I almost accosted a friend-of-a-friend at the Snug when I overhead him say some new place had “the best burger in town.”  This from a … Continue reading

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