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Donut Madness

Having never made homemade donuts, I didn’t realize what a process it was when I idly suggested to M. on a Sunday morning, hey, let’s make donuts. Although, my stepfather makes awesome bignets, and I know that’s an overnight process. … Continue reading

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Jamie Oliver’s Fresh Pasta with Oozy Cheese

M. loves Jamie Oliver (maybe he thinks he’s dreamy…) and is always inspired by Jamie’s fresh cooking with quality ingredients and the great dishes that result from simple processes. Take our riff on Jamie’s Fresh Tagliatelle with Sprouting Broccoli and … Continue reading

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Chicken Tagine with Ras el Hanout

Ever since Gryffon Ridge Spice Merchants came to Portland at the Winter Market, everyone’s been abuzz about these purveyors of spice. Roomie A’s mom so generously bought us their Persian custom spice blend and Ras el Hanout and told us … Continue reading

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Mekhong Thai Review

Time for Thai-O-Rama, Round 5… and still no great Thai food yet. I figure by the time this project is over we bloggers will have eaten hundreds of dollars of Thai food and *maybe, just maybe* 15% of it good. … Continue reading

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Front Room: Strike Two

Due to the proximity of my apartment to the Front Room (wave when you’re eating there!), I really want to like the restaurant. It’s casual, it has a hoppin’ bar, and it’s rumored to have good food. However, between the … Continue reading

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Hipster Lemonade

We had a party last Saturday (sorry I didn’t invite you), and I wanted to make a grown-up punch to serve. I think it’s nice to provide an unusual cocktail, and this way, no one was tied to the “bar”- … Continue reading

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Apply to be a Master Food Preserver

Canning is so hot right now. I really wouldn’t be surprised if I heard Paris Hilton was trying her hand at it. If you don’t believe me, check out all these blogs that focus solely on canning: Food In JarsPreserveNationtigress … Continue reading

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Easter Dinner

Several near arguments were had at the end of last week over the nature of celebrating Easter. Obviously, for religious folk, it’s a non-issue. They go to church like 3 times in one weekend and eat a big dinner on … Continue reading

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Roomie Night at Vignola

If you haven’t gathered this before, I’m pretty broke (AmeriCorps volunteer, you see). So when I decided I can afford to go out to eat, I take that shit seriously. I deliberate for a LONG time. I don’t want to … Continue reading

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Saveur’s Chocolate Caramel Tart

After that last complicated but unrewarding Bakers’ Challenge, I appreciate this simple and delicious tart I made. I’d seen it go ’round on several food blogs as ‘the Saveur tart to make.’ Vanilla Garlic even points out that there’s an … Continue reading

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