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Whole Foods and Local Meat

I feel like there’s a lot of hating on Whole Foods lately, between the CEO’s editorial about health care reform and me bitching about their non-local produce and craptastic fish.  So here I’ll attempt to offer a more balanced perspective and … Continue reading

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Apple Pie Breakfast

I’ve been eyeing the Farmer’s Cart at the Monument Square Farmers’ Market, run by Daniel Price of Freedom Farm and Simon Frost of Thirty Acre Farms.  So I decided to have breakfast from their cart one morning and naturally went with … Continue reading

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"All Maine Cooking"

After her visit to Baxter State Park, my friend Melanie stayed with me for a night and brought me a gift! Seems that she stopped in Bangor to stretch her legs, found a used bookstore, and in it, this cookbook. … Continue reading

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Pre-Wedding Brunch

Our friends Ryan and Amanda became husband and wife on Saturday, at a kids camp out in Porter, Maine. Before M and I packed up the car and drove west for the ceremony, we had to have a great Saturday morning, … Continue reading

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Mostly Local Tuna Salad Pitas

I was inspired by this post by the 99 Cent Chef out in L.A. I was like, hey I have all of those ingredients! So I whipped up this yummy tuna salad for some lunches, and as I made it, … Continue reading

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Garbage Plate!

Let me introduce you ladies and gentlemen to the Garbage Plate, a Rochester, New York specialty. And let me be clear- this is the original Garbage Plate, from Nick Tahou’s. My plate was mac salad, french fries, two cheeseburgers with … Continue reading

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Guest Pizza

This pizza is my favorite pizza! You wanna know why? Because I didn’t cook it. My wonderful boyfriend did! After a late night of canning class, I returned home to see the hallway to our apartment filled with smoke. And … Continue reading

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