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Daring Bakers’ Challenge: Swiss Swirl

I am learning (slowly) that I’m not all that in to baking. I don’t really like following a recipe, and I don’t like to have a lot of specialty items on hand in my kitchen. Like parchment paper. I frequently … Continue reading

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Pickles, Relish, and Dilly Beans, Oh My!

That’s right- a pickling marathon. All things dill and certainly (no, not ever) sweet or bread and butter. First up, dilly beans. Do I need to explain dilly beans to non-Mainers? They’re pickled green beans. And while I’m sure Maine … Continue reading

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Canning Across America Party

This weekend I’m throwing a canning party! My girlfriends and I are going to put up some more dilly beans and some pickles. We’re taking part in Canning Across America, where they encourage canners to ‘join the canvolution.’ So we’re … Continue reading

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Bubble Maineia Review

Another guest post from Roomie A, only this time *not* because I was too lazy to write my own review (see Pom’s write-up). A. just sent me an email- with an attached photo and everything!- detialing her lunch experience at … Continue reading

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How to Can (Dilly Beans)

It’s time to share how to can here on the Blueberry Files! I’ve written about recipes you can can (Strawberry Rhubarb Jam and Lavender Honey Strawberry Jam), but I’ve left the canning part up to you. And since canning is … Continue reading

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Blueberry Limeade Popsicles

After a day at Willard Beach, I stopped by LeRoux Kitchen to buy some popsicle molds. After a lovely visit with the rents, I was left with some delicious lemonade and limeade from Whole Foods Market. Figured it’d be perfect … Continue reading

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Lavender Honey Strawberry Jam

I’m here to sing the praises of Pomona’s pectin again. I just love the stuff. So versatile- make a small batch or a big batch, make your own recipe, use honey, use little or no sugar. When I had a … Continue reading

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Saeng Thai Review

This latest installation of the Thai-o-rama is teaching me a lesson in impermanence. While sampling all this Thai food in Portland, I’ve been searching, naturally, for the best Thai food. I’ve been attached to the idea of systematically eating through … Continue reading

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