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Michael’s Brunch Cookies

I got snowed in at work on Wednesday night (good thing I work at a hotel!), and while I was gone, Michael made these AMAZING cookies! Seriously. I am not a big cookie fan in general, but maybe that’s just … Continue reading

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Red Lentil and Potato Soup

I’ve been hearing a lot about lentil and potato soup lately. My friend Liz blogged about her’s recently, and my mom mentioned that she had some good Lentil Potato soup at a cafe in Maryland. Plus, I had a bunch … Continue reading

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Bennies in Bed

Ok, I love eggs benedict, but I think the hardest part about ordering it out is chosing between the traditional one and the Florentine version. Spinach OR ham? I have to pick!? So when I made brunch this Sunday, I … Continue reading

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Peachy Pork Loin

After attending the ice bar event at Portland Harbor Hotel last night, I decided I needed a night in- dinner and a movie sounded good! M got *another* Jamie Oliver cookbook from the library, and so I decided to make … Continue reading

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English Muffin Bread

I was inspired to make this bread after I had it at Arabica, the excellent coffee shop at the end of Free Street that serves toast for breakfast (love that!). At around the same time, my friends (who live on … Continue reading

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Homemade Chicken Stock

You should make your own chicken stock. Really. Stop rolling your eyes at me, I mean it. M made a roast chicken for his lunches this week, and so I used the carcass to make stock. Its so easy, kinda … Continue reading

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Bella Bresca

I discovered this little restaurant while walking around the Old Port one day… it wasn’t open, but as I peered in through the glass front and saw only five tables, I was intrigued. So when I suggested Bresca as our … Continue reading

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