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Quick Spaghetti Sauce

Much ink has been spilled over how to make the perfect spaghetti sauce (or Sunday Gravy for the more authentic readers), so I know that what I’m saying is not revolutionary. You can find the most simple of recipes or … Continue reading

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Potato Cakes

A totally respectable lunch.  I made potato cakes with the leftover colcannon, after being inspired by Well Preserved‘s recipe. Most importantly, on cooking the cakes: “Don’t touch them.  I know you want to.  Just don’t.  You only get one shot.  Wait until … Continue reading

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St. Paddy’s Day Meal, Thirsty Pig Happy Hour

Just a few items for your Friday afternoon reading- I didn’t tell you about the great St. Paddy’s day meal I made last Saturday night. I never manage to photograph my Paddy’s day meals, since we’re all too busy drinking … Continue reading

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"Chipotle" Barbacoa Beef

A coworker emailed me a recipe that sounded so easy to prepare and promised to yield Chipotle style results: beef barbacoa. It’s my favorite filling at Chipotle, and again, sounded dead simple to prepare. Not entirely trusting the source (Boston Globe), I checked it … Continue reading

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Chowder-O-Rama: Much Ado About Nothing

Chowder-o-rama! Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Like some sort of ill-fated small town festival with a dunk tank full of chowder (patent pending). Maybe some spinning rides to make things really interesting? But no, just local bloggers singing stories of soup, … Continue reading

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Disappointing District

I feel bad. I should have seen it coming. It could have been an ‘it’s not you it’s me’ moment. But I had a disappointing lunch at District last weekend, and I think that’s the nail in the coffin for … Continue reading

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Wingman: Thirsty Camel

Thirsty Camel394 W Ocean View Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23503(757) 480-0874 This is the definition of a dive bar. Nice little restaurant located in West Ocean View near the Ocean View Fishing Pier.  Best 2-1 specials in town, large steamed shrimp … Continue reading

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