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Spinach and Potato Frittata

I like to make frittatas to have for a quick breakfast during the week (also, because it’s fun to say ‘tatas’). It’s so easy to take a slice with me to work- it’s good cold or reheated in the toaster … Continue reading

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I Have Seen the Light

I made garlic scape pesto recently, after falling in love with it a friend’s house. They invited us over for dinner and were in the middle of a CSA scramble, trying to use and preserve the veggies that were on … Continue reading

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Super Lasagna To The Rescue!

Thursday night, when I returned from my food preservation class, I was starving (note to self: don’t go to food class hungry, duh). And to my delight, M had “whipped up” this lasagna! First he rolled out thin sheets of … Continue reading

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Again, because M’s mom was in town, we got the chance to eat at some restaurants that we have had our eye on, but haven’t made it to yet. His mom came bearing a travel magazine that featured Portland, Maine … Continue reading

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More ‘Grace’fulness

When M’s mom came to town, we knew we had to take her to Grace (you know, because she likes eating out and goes to church… makes sense). So we stopped in for some drinks and appies. I had the … Continue reading

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Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks

When I found out I was going to Philly for work last week, M immediately requested that I transport Philly cheesesteaks back to Portland. The man loves his Wiz. My first night in town, I walked by Jim’s Steaks on … Continue reading

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Magnificent Mushie

Obviously I’ve got lots of summer veggies to cook for dinner, but when it came to choosing a protein the other night, M and I were unmotivated by all the choices. Beef? Meh. Chicken? Meh. Pork? You get the picture… … Continue reading

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