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BBF Travels: To The Bidde

The other day I traveled to the “Saco Zoo” (Did you hear that Saco is getting a zoo? Yeah, they’re putting a fence around Biddeford) to teach a class on pickling through the Adult Ed. And just like last time, … Continue reading

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LFK Preview

LFK is the new bar on Longfellow Square (188A State St) in Portland, and I stopped in Friday night to check out the space.  Categorized as a bar/library on facebook, LFK is full of wing-backed chairs, bookshelves, and manual typewriters. The … Continue reading

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Still at it…

This is terrible, but sometimes I hear in my head “pickle-ing, pickle-ing, pickle-ing, yeah!” to the tune of Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” And I can’t make it stop!  (Sorry to foist that on you.)  Note: this photo was staged for Instagraming … Continue reading

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BBF Travels: Little Havana, Baltimore

This Blueberry Filer traveled to Maryland with her new man to meet the family and to be a tourist in Baltimore. My restaurant request: Little Havana’s, my bar request: One Eyed Mike’s.  I wasn’t that hungry, and my research failed to unearth … Continue reading

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Shrimp Etouffee

Cooking Light is not a magazine I am drawn to, but when a stack appeared in my office, I couldn’t keep my hands off of them. I am inherently suspicious of Cooking Light recipes, especially when the intro touts the … Continue reading

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