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No-Knead Bread

I have had this no-knead bread recipe bookmarked for the longest time, but just got around to trying it. (Ironic, since after receiving a stand mixer, I’m so excited to be able to skip the hand-kneading part of recipes.) Maybe … Continue reading

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Portland Trails Gourmet Grub Contest and Phoenix ‘Best of’ Awards

I am excited to announce that I am part of Portland Trails’ Trail Gourmet contest- a trail food recipe competition that celebrates twenty years of the organization protecting and promoting public lands in Portland (woah, enough P’s for ya!?). I … Continue reading

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IHOP Country Fried Steak

How have I never had the wonder that is Country Fried Steak before? Steak… fried… with gravy. Genius. And you know where I had a good one? IHOP, of all places! Cruising around the mall area Sunday morning, I pointed … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Monkey Bread: Rave Review!

After some recent mixed (haha, get it??) baking results (Compost Cookies, boo; banana bread, yay!), I was so happy this yeast bread turned out great. It helps that I carefully followed the recipes, Googled things I wasn’t sure about, and … Continue reading

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Burgers Around Portland: Becky’s Diner

With the end of the Thai-o-rama project, in which a band of bloggers reviewed all the Thai restaurants in Portland, we decided we couldn’t get enough of these themed collaborative reviews. So this year, we’re mixing it up a bit, … Continue reading

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Momofuku Compost Cookie Flop

I have been so excited about trying these Compost Cookies from momofuku milk bar ever since the pastry chef, Christina Tosi was on Regis and Kelly and gave out the recipe. But I never made them because the butter and … Continue reading

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Blood Orange Marmalade

Seeing how it’s a major snowstorm here in New England, I can’t help but think that canning would be a perfect indoor project for today. That is, assuming you have all the ingredients you need to whip up some jam. … Continue reading

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Second Year in Review

Well, today is my 2nd blog-iversary, and this one crept up on me! I can hardly believe I’ve been writing this thing for two years. As I’ve said before, I’ve met a lot of amazing people through my blog and … Continue reading

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Roasted Beet and Onion Salad

Woah, apparently *not* being super, ridiculously busy doesn’t mean that you’ll actaully write on your blog (just like how going to the airport doesn’t actually mean that you’ll get on your plane- not that I know anyone who did that). … Continue reading

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