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How to Store Home Canned Goods

When I grow up, I want to have a cellar. It will be the perfect place to have stainless steel shelves (like from a professional kitchen) full of home canned goods- cool, dry, and dark. I’ll also fill it with … Continue reading

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Chiang Mai Two Review

Chiang Mai Two has moved to a new location on Washington Avenue. I’d never been to the old Chiang Mai (One?), so I didn’t have any expectations going into Round 11 of Thai-o-rama. (For those of you moved to lie … Continue reading

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Common Ground Fair Eats

The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA)’s Common Ground Fair was this past weekend, and it was a celebration of all things local, organic, crafty, and, of course, smelly and unshaven. The weather on Saturday was beautiful- a little … Continue reading

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Micucci’s Sicilian Slab

Much has been written about the ‘Sicilian Slab’ or the pizza that comes out of the back room bakery at Mucucci’s Grocery Co. on India St. in Portland. I’ve heard so much about this mythical slab, that on Thursday I … Continue reading

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Fennel Arugula Parm Salad

Look, Ma, no tomatoes! You may have noticed my last three posts were about stemming the tide of tomatoes that is flowing this summer. Again, there are worse problems to have! But now, back to our regularly scheduled programming of … Continue reading

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Slow Roasted Tomatoes

A lot of bloggers have written about how to slow-roast tomatoes and raved about them each time. And it’s true: slow roasting them caramelizes and intensifies the great summer tomato flavor. It’s also wicked easy. Cut them babies up and … Continue reading

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Tomato Peach Apple Salsa

Well here’s a great thing to use all of those extra tomatoes: Peach Apple Salsa! I had a small canning class last night, so I thought I would make a special recipe, hoping it would be a winner. You see, … Continue reading

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