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BBF Travels: Cape Cod

My first drive on beach ride! 

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Putting Up Peaches

The law of unintended consequences, first coined as such by sociologist Robert Merton, is defined as “outcomes that are not the ones intended by purposeful actions.” This principle can be seen at work when one unsuspecting woman affirms in an … Continue reading

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The Peach Haul

I bought a case of peaches. It looks like this:  …times about 40.  I’ve never gotten too into buying peaches when they’re in season in Maine, since they’re very expensive. I’d imagine peaches aren’t too prolific in Maine, since places … Continue reading

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Review-O-Rama: Taco Escobarr Again

…sigh…. I can’t, you guys. I just can’t.  I will for your sake though. Here we go. As part of this month’s O-Rama (a series of collaborative reviews on a theme from your team of local food bloggers), we were tasked … Continue reading

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East End Cupcakes

East End Cupcakes, the hip, cupcakes-only bakery on Fore Street in Portland’s Old Port, was once a competitor in the Cupcake Challenge a few bloggers and I held as an attempt to catalog the plethora of local wee cake offerings.  But both … Continue reading

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