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Rabelais in BA Foodist

Ohhh the press loves us, yes they do. Here’s more national attention, this time from Andrew Knowlton (aka the BA Foodist), purveyor of snark and great cooking advice, from Bon Apetit Magazine. He hands his blog post over to Portland … Continue reading

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Butternut Squash and Shitake Mushroom Risotto

Maybe when you read the title of this recipe, you were like, ‘ho hum. Another risotto recipe with a bunch of crap thrown into it.’ But if you thought that, you were wrong, my friend. This risotto is awesome because … Continue reading

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Harvest on the Harbor: El Rayo Demo

I attended a free cooking demo at LeRoux Kitchens Friday afternoon, as a part of the Harvest on the Harbor event. The demo was showcasing El Rayo Taqueria’s pimentos de padron and fried plantains. Here’s Chef Cheryl smooshing some plantains … Continue reading

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Favorite Coffee Spot: Arabica

Arabic is my favorite coffee shop in the Portland area. They have the best coffee, the friendliest baristas, and great toast. Plus, it’s delightfully cozy in their small shop, if you should choose to stay. While I am not a … Continue reading

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Gourmet & Little Lad’s Popcorn

Yesterday was the University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s 5% Day at Whole Foods Market, where 5% of all sales went to support Extension food preservation programing. So thanks to all of you who shopped at WFM yesterday, whether you knew … Continue reading

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Thai Green Tomato Soup

So many green tomatoes… So I finally admitted defeat and pulled up all the blight-ridden tomato plants in my garden. I did get a few yellow and red ripe tomatoes from the plants this season, but now the plants are … Continue reading

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Gourmet Roast Pumpkin with Cheese Fondue

And now for a foray into cooking acorn squash! I found this recipe while listening to NPR’s Fresh Air with Ruth Reichl, Editor in Cheif of Gourmet Magazine. After hearing her talk about a roast pumpkin filled with fondue, I … Continue reading

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Kuri Squash Lobster Bisque

Living in Maine is awesome, because it’s like, your patriotic duty to eat more lobster. I love supporting this economy! This soup was born of the desire to try a Kuri squash- a squat pumpkin-shaped red-orange squash. M and I … Continue reading

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Must-Make: BLT Pie

In struggling with what to make for my potluck supper, I thought of Michael Ruhlman’s BLT Challenge in which the winner creates a flow chart to describe how he locally sourced all the ingredients for his sandwich. I wanted to … Continue reading

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Birthday Dinner at Evangeline

I finally made it to Evangeline! M took me out for dinner at our local fancy French restaurant to celebrate my birthday. We have been eyeing up this restaurant since we moved to Portland a year ago. M especially, since … Continue reading

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