Gourmet & Little Lad’s Popcorn

Yesterday was the University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s 5% Day at Whole Foods Market, where 5% of all sales went to support Extension food preservation programing. So thanks to all of you who shopped at WFM yesterday, whether you knew it was for a cause or not. As a woman said to me, “that makes me feel even better about the wine I’m buying!” Shopping for a cause is apparently a great way to get Americans to donate money.

For my contribution, I bought the last Gourmet magazine *sniff* and a bag of Little Lad’s popcorn. I was recently introduced to this stuff by my boss, who warned me about its addictive properties (she said, it’s like I’m giving you crack or something). And she’s right. Although it has been described by some haters as flavored with “textured vegetable protein and Lipton’s soup mix,” I love its spicy weirdness. You’ll have to decide for yourself.

And yes, that is my cat trying to snag a piece. He was successful, but just licked the flavor off before losing interest. Smart kitty.

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8 Responses to Gourmet & Little Lad’s Popcorn

  1. Uke Mochi says:

    Ok, i'll out myself.. I never said I was a hater, per se, and was completely kidding about it being Lipton soup mix.. Heh, I think it's hilarious you posted that. How to make it was posted here:http://marizian.blogspot.com/2008/09/little-lads-popcorn.htmlMy true thoughts of Little Lad's is that I am never inclined to buy it, but if it's there I find that I can't tear myself away from eating it, though I'm not sure if I'm enjoying as I go along. It confuses and intrigues me. Our kitties prefer Kettle Corn with a shooter of goats milk 😉

  2. strawberriesinparis says:

    haha, you make me laugh KT! love you girl and I love crack snacks too…gotta try that popcorn at some point!

  3. Uke Mochi says:

    Ok, seriously… indulge and get yourself a good pound sized icelandic lamb shank and make a day of it… I make a braise just about every other week, even in the summer, and this was by far the best I've ever had.

  4. Dawn says:

    Love the shot of your kitty cat's paw snagging some of the corn. My dogs are popcorn fiends — thanks to my mom and her home style oil-popped white corn and a long visit last spring.

  5. Mary says:

    I LOVE the last picture! Little Lad's is fabulous.

  6. Pandora says:

    I found lttle lads by accident while in my lunch hour. It was the wrist mistake I haver ever made. That stuff truly is crack. I buy so much, that the deli orders me a box along with their inventory reorders (sadly that just barely makes it through the weekend). However that it the only place I can find it. Which brings me to my first of 2 questions. 1. Where else can I buy this gift from the heavens?2. How healthy is a 2oz bag (seeing as how I have been known to down at least 3 a day while at work)3. Do they come in larger sizes?

  7. Kate. says:

    Pandora,Here in Portland, I buy it at Whole Foods. It's also available in other natural food stores in the state. And I can't imagine it's too bad for you- it's just popcorn and spices! Check out Brad's post on how to make it yourself, it would definitely save you some money, because that stuff is expensive! And it comes in bigger bags than the 2oz. 5oz. is the medium size, and there's one even bigger (7oz??).http://mazirian.blogspot.com/2008/09/little-lads-popcorn.html

  8. Joe says:

    I had to post..I too was a little lad addicted fan myself until I became aware of a NH based company. J. Drizzle Gourmet Popcorn Co. All I can say is that with 60 flavors I happen to be partial to their Garlic Parmesan and Banana Cream Pie…addictive really isn’t a good term it’s mire if an obsession! I discovered it about 2 mos. Ago and have ordered 4 times!!! I’m pushing for my local Whole Foods to carry them but they want to stay small and get it right for now…and you have to love their slogan too
    “Eat it. Love it. Share it” I’m working on the third part 😉

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