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Vientiane Thai Review

Thai-o-rama back with a vengeance! You remember rounds one through ten, right? If not, check out the Portland Food Map’s collection of previous reviews. The gist is that several food bloggers have gotten together to simultaneously review every Thai food … Continue reading

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BBF Travels: Cape Pier Chowder House

When M. and I heard last weekend’s weather was going to be so nice, we decided to road trip it on Saturday. I perused Google Maps for a bit, as well as Hilary Nagle’s blog Maine Travel Maven. Hilary writes … Continue reading

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Saveur Roasted Tomatoes

These summery, melty tomatoes were pictured on the cover of a recent Saveur magazine that my bf was nice enough to pick me up while traveling. Because it was on the cover, this beautiful picture been staring at me from … Continue reading

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Food Preservation Weekend

Ah, a weekend with no obligations. No waking up early, my mind already racing with things to do that day. Just the Sunday paper, my kitchen, my boyfriend, and 48 hours of nothing. I did take the weekend to complete … Continue reading

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Berry Crisp

A commenter on my pressure canning beets post noted that s/he prefers to freeze veggies instead of canning them. Freezing preserves flavor, texture, and vitamins and nutrients of vegetables better than cooking the heck out of them for 45+ minutes. … Continue reading

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Lobster and Corn Fritters

Last night was the perfect Maine summer evening; we had friends, sat on the deck, drank wine, and watched the sunset. After the sun dropped, it was a little chilly and buggy, so we went inside for a big home … Continue reading

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Pressure Canning: Beets

As a follow up to my How to Can Dilly Beans post, I’d like to share with you how to pressure can vegetables- in this case, beets. Beets need to be canned in a pressure canner because they are a … Continue reading

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