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Top 10 Hottest NFL Quarterbacks 2012

Another NFL regular season has come to a close, and so I’ve had plenty of time to ogle the men on the field and rearrange my Top 10 list. I try to rate them on their looks alone, but as … Continue reading

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Easter Recipe Round-up

It has been said time and time again, that I am not a baker. I like substitutions. I like creativity, freedom, and distractibility. I might not like commitment.  I am a big fan of boxed cake mix.  Regardless, my cakes are always … Continue reading

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When It Snows… I Go To Ruski’s.

Wait, what what what!? I have never written about Ruski’s?!? Shame. I spend enough time there.  For those of you not familiar, Ruski’s Tavern is located at 212 Danforth Street in Portland’s West End. This summer, when A1 moved into … Continue reading

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Burger-o-rama: Homemade Burger

Last burger post for a while- thankfully not because we are burnt out on them, a la Thai-o-rama. ┬áBut no, after a diner, a pub, and a fine dining burger, time to put your meat where you mouth is (uh, … Continue reading

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