>Leaving Maine

>Yeah, you read that right, I’m moving.  Why?!?  I’m not entirely sure myself, but blame it on the man.  He’s gone- found a great job- I shall follow and hope to be so lucky.  I’m leaving at the end of September.  I feel like I’ve got 4 months to live.

So, let’s dispense with the pretense and see what rises to the top, shall we?  If you were going to create a ‘best of’ list, what would be on it?  We’ve all had lots of forgettable eats in this town.  But what sticks with you?  What would you have to have one last time, or maybe for the first time, before you left town?

Fair warning- if I agree with you, I’m going to steal your idea and add it to my Portland bucket list.  But I can’t go too crazy; I’m not a trustafarian, you see, and I must maintain some sort of budget (you know, one that will allow me to be unemployed for a while).

The fate of the blog?  Well, despite A.‘s suggest to become ‘the crab files,’ I’ll still write on here I’m sure, just not about Maine.  *le sigh*  There’s a few restaurants in my new area worth checking out, but I understand if I lose a few of you locals.  I’ll miss you!!

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14 Responses to >Leaving Maine

  1. >What? I'm shocked!I hope we can get together for a drink before you go.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >From your own bucket list:Do not skip town without dinner at the Back Bay Grill and Fore Street. And do not skip desert at Fore Street. And get the foie gras at the BBG. You may not be a trustafarian but you'll have a whole life time to remember these meals and pay off the debts incurred.As to the Standard Baking Co. cinnamon bun, does that imply you have had everything else Standard Baking makes? Because you must! And I do mean at least one of E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.When I moved away from Maine I seriously considered calling them and trying to convince them to over-night FedEx me some goods. Yeah… I might have a problem with their baked goods.Additions to your bucket list:Paciarino for best Italian outside of Italy.555 has a better brunch than Bintlifs IMHO.Bar Lola!Can you ever have been enough times to Bresca?And my last but perhaps most important advice.Quick, learn how to roll sushi, take a one hour class if you have to. Then run to Brown Trading market. Almost all their fish is sushi grade. Purchase large quantities of sushi quality seafood, make sushi, stuff yourself with sushi!

  3. The Dealer says:

    >Dive. Bar. Pub. Crawl. Just sayin'…

  4. vrai-lean-uh says:

    >So sad! Are you going to the DC area (based on the crab files suggestion)?Dave moved a few months before I did when we were in DC. It was tough, I hope you're doing okay.As for the bucket list, I haven't been here terribly long, but I love the milkshakes at Duckfat. I also love their fries, but the fries at Petite Jacqueline might rival Duckfat's. I would certainly want to do the 5-course omakase at Miyake again. I don't think it's possible to eat too much lobster. I've been wanting to try a lobster boil for a long time (not necessarily the kind that's buried in the sand at the beach, but one that involves potatoes and corn and lobsters).Not having another Pegasus sandwich from West End Deli would break my heart, but that's just me and my feelings about that sandwich might not be rational.I love the butternut squash slice at Otto.

  5. S. says:

    >I still have not come to terms with you leaving. And, I want to join you on as many of your efforts as possible. Please send an agenda. And, forget the 5 course Omakase–we'll go 7.

  6. >Oh no! Well, one thing on the bucket list is lunch at karmasouptra with me!buying a rare cookbook at rabeliaseating a 100% local meal from the farmer's marketpizza from micucci's. I can't eat it, so you'll have to eat it for me.Since my husband works at Standard, i'm going to second going there — but get a loaf of brioche and make french toast. oh-my-goodness. so good. you'll melt.i enjoy reading your posts and hope you don't stop!

  7. >Before you leave our burg, please allow a Meatball to buy a lass a drink.(Btw, on the subject of cinnamon rolls, if you have not yet had Scratch's…)

  8. Anonymous says:

    >Phuk! I like your blog!A few things to try:Long afternoon at Howies; Grab a 12 pack, take the ferry to Long Island and go to the beach on the backshore; clamcakes at Huouts in Camp Ellis; BBQ at Spring Creek in Monson. Ok..so the last two arent in Portland, but well worth the travel.

  9. >NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!but we just met! this is unfair and cruel!

  10. >Awwwh, moving woes. MD can't wait to welcome you back with open arms! And then we will do a switcheroo and I will move to Boston!Love you KT!

  11. >oh man.Harraseeket Lunch & Lobster Co.Simone's Hot Dog in Lewiston- get the red one.I'm drawing a blank on everything else.

  12. teh bobbi says:

    >Yikes. I totally have a Portland Bucket list as well, but it's really a "I need to get around to doing this since I've lived here for so long". My suggestions:Gelato Fiasco in Brunswick Big Top Deli in BrunswickGood Egg Cafe-They make amazing english muffinsA slice from OttosVisit to Aurora Provisions (I just made it there yesterday for the first time, AMAZING)Gorgeous Gelato on Fore Street Not food related, but go to that new thrift shop on Congress street next to the Down Town Lounge. It's awesome! I bought a set of pyrex plates for 5.99 when I went in there the other day!

  13. Elsa says:

    >For me, the top items on a Goodbye, Portland list would be easy:- a lunchtime plate of three at Hot Suppa. Pick any two sides you want to go with fried green tomatoes, which are the highlight of the plate. – polenta fries (and whatever other small plate looks good that evening) on the back patio at Caiola's, with a beer or a split of sparkling wine. – the asparagus tempura salad with peanut dressing at Green Elephant. Heck, I might have it twice. – and as others have suggested, I too would grab a slice from Otto and walk down Congress Street some evening just after sundown, or as a break during a last First Friday walk.

  14. >Nooooo! I love your blog! As a relative newbie to Maine (ok 9 years) I love getting ideas of places to go from your blog. You will be missed.

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