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Thai Steak Salad and Strawberry Peach Pie

I don’t know what’s up with the weather in Maine. It’s been brain-liquefying, stupor-inducing heat, then back to fleece-wrapped, muggy drizzle. For dinner, I have alternately had cold fried chicken with zucchini corn salad and then spicy chipotle chili and cornbread. … Continue reading

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Boda "very thai" kitchen + bar Review

When bloggers reviewed all 13 Thai restaurants last year, I missed out on what I heard was the best one of the bunch, Boda.  I waited until the last minute (like I do with all my homework assignments) and found … Continue reading

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Thai-o-rama Wrap-Up

Here’s a wrap-up of all the Pad Thais eaten, Tom Kar Gais slurped, and dumplings dunked. Look to the other participants of the Thai-o-rama to find their (conflicting, I’m sure) opinions of the best of Thai in Portland. After all … Continue reading

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Seng Chai Thai Review

Maybe you’ll be excited to know that this is the final installation of Thai-o-rama! After eight months of dining, ten bloggers have participated in this elaborate undertaking of reviewing all twelve Thai restaurants in Portland. Here’s the review of the … Continue reading

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Siam Orchid Thai Review

Round 12 of Thai-o-rama! (Can you tell we’re dragging this out to avoid Thai food burnout?) One! More! Round! Yes, so real quick, since that’s what this place is (and, uh, I forgot to write, and now I have to … Continue reading

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Chiang Mai Two Review

Chiang Mai Two has moved to a new location on Washington Avenue. I’d never been to the old Chiang Mai (One?), so I didn’t have any expectations going into Round 11 of Thai-o-rama. (For those of you moved to lie … Continue reading

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Vientiane Thai Review

Thai-o-rama back with a vengeance! You remember rounds one through ten, right? If not, check out the Portland Food Map’s collection of previous reviews. The gist is that several food bloggers have gotten together to simultaneously review every Thai food … Continue reading

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