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Lunch at Bresca

I joined Vrylena for lunch on Friday afternoon at Bresca. Chef Krista Kern Desjarlais has recently scaled back her restaurant’s offerings to dinner on Friday and Saturday and lunch Wednesday through Saturday. Bresca might fly a bit under the radar … Continue reading

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Ravens Super Bowl Champs!

As my roommate greeted me this morning, welcome to a world in which the Baltimore Ravens are the World Champions! Man, that was an incredible post season run – four games in which the Ravens were predicted to lose, beating some of … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Eats

I’m still relishing that the Ravens beat the Pats and are this year’s AFC Champions. Since I live in Maine, the smack talk was pretty ramped up this past week (my facebook wall was covered in demeaning Ravens photos – … Continue reading

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Saigon Restaurant Review

I intended to go to The Loft the other night, to pursue this burger that is served on a donut instead of a bun. I have not given up on my mission, but on this night, the Loft was closed … Continue reading

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Book Review-O-Rama: Apron Anxiety

It’s not a new story: girl meets boy, whirlwind romance ensues, boy and girl move to a faraway town, girl is restless/unemployed, girl learns to cook (ahem, see the onus of this very blog).  Thus begins Apron Anxiety by Alyssa Shelasky with … Continue reading

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Soup-o-rama: Thanh Thanh 2 Pho

For this month’s o-rama theme of soup, I went with to Thanh Thanh 2 on Forest Avenue and ordered some pho. Ordering soup in a restaurant can frequently be an uninspired affair, so I figured the much lauded pho at … Continue reading

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Chicken Noodle Kale Soup

If I were you and I was reading this, I’d think ‘meh.’ That’s how I react to chicken noodle soup recipes. Boooooring. But this one is good, I swear. M. added parsnips, kale, fine egg noodles, and a delicious chicken … Continue reading

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