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Maryland Blue Crab, Shrimp & Grits, New Year’s Eve Dinner, and Portland Eats

I visited my family in Northern Maryland for a week, and as usual, made it my mission to consume as much Chesapeake Bay blue crab as possible. I know Maine is known for its seafood, and while I have embraced … Continue reading

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Happy Hour at the Black Birch, Kittery

Some friends of mine invited me down for happy hour in Kittery at the Black Birch. An hour south of Portland, Kittery is the first town over the border into Maine and is better known for it’s outlet malls. But … Continue reading

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First Look at Miyake Diner

Prof. A. of Portland Food Map and I continued our opening night dining traditions, turning out on an otherwise quiet Monday to visit the newest Miyake restaurant. The Diner is in the same spot on Spring Street as the Food … Continue reading

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Local Nuts – The Gilded Nut Snack Co.

You’ve been warned: the following post contains the repeated use of the word “nuts.” If you’re prone to fits of giggling or making “that’s what she said” jokes, this might be difficult for you to read (or fun for that … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Eats

I’m still relishing that the Ravens beat the Pats and are this year’s AFC Champions. Since I live in Maine, the smack talk was pretty ramped up this past week (my facebook wall was covered in demeaning Ravens photos – … Continue reading

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Trek Across Maine Wrap-up

Woah, woah, where goes the time?? Friday, Friday, here we are. This week was supposed to be quieter after completing the Trek Across Maine, but when it’s 90 in July? There’s boats to be sailed! Strawberries to be picked! And … Continue reading

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Canning Hot Pepper Jam

Hot pepper jam is one of the best things to come into my life as a result of learning to can. It’s totally superfluous- no one would ever say it was necessary to make it through the winter. But damn if … Continue reading

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