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Maine Maple Syrup: Use It

My order of waffles at brunch recently prompted my server to ask, would like real Maine maple syrup with that? My affirmative response then added $1.50 to my tab. And this has me thinking.  Why is the inclusion of maple … Continue reading

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Review-O-Rama: Taco Escobarr Again

…sigh…. I can’t, you guys. I just can’t.  I will for your sake though. Here we go. As part of this month’s O-Rama (a series of collaborative reviews on a theme from your team of local food bloggers), we were tasked … Continue reading

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Book Review-O-Rama: Apron Anxiety

It’s not a new story: girl meets boy, whirlwind romance ensues, boy and girl move to a faraway town, girl is restless/unemployed, girl learns to cook (ahem, see the onus of this very blog).  Thus begins Apron Anxiety by Alyssa Shelasky with … Continue reading

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Taco Escobarr Review

I have a problem, and its name is Taco Escobarr. Have you seen my shit list?  It’s a piece of paper that says ‘Taco Escobarr?’ Photo by Dawn Hagin Sigh.  I’m thinking, on one hand, it’s not *that* bad, and … Continue reading

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Quick Eats for a Busy Lady

I’ve never really been all that busy- other than of my own making, with things I enjoy (i.e. a job I love or extra-curriculars). But when people say they’re busy, I get it now, ‘cuz I’m busy. And so there … Continue reading

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McCormick Spice Mix WTF

I discovered this horror while shopping at the Hannaford recently; it’s a prepackaged spice mix from McCormick titled “Recipe Inspirations.” Each one comes with the premeasured spices you need to make a particular recipe (recipe card included!). Here, you can … Continue reading

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Front Room: Strike Two

Due to the proximity of my apartment to the Front Room (wave when you’re eating there!), I really want to like the restaurant. It’s casual, it has a hoppin’ bar, and it’s rumored to have good food. However, between the … Continue reading

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