Rosemont Tandem Coffee Pairings

Roussillion wine and tapenade spread
Rosemont Market has quietly started having wine events down at Tandem Coffee at night, and I recently attended their Roussillon-themed event. After interviewing the very lovely Kathleen Pratt for my book, she invited me to the event that night. It was very cold out, but about twenty people came out for the event. 
Joe Appel of Rosemont Market (left) and wine distributor Dan Kravitz

The tickets are $27 and we sampled six wines and ate Rosemont-made soup, spreads, tarts, and meats. The events are intended to spark conversation – with the wine distributor, with the Rosemont staff or with fellow attendees. Add a little wine to a group of people gathered in Tandem’s cozy space and that’s exactly what happened. I had a great time and will be looking to attend future Pairings, especially during the winter when the urge to hibernate takes over.

Mushroom Beef tarts with truffled mayo
Find out about Rosemont’s pairings via their facebook page or by signing up for their newsletter.

Wines served (all available at Rosemont Market):
Le Cirque Grenache Gris 2011 ($14.99)
Penya Viognier 2012 ($11.99)
Caspen Rouge 2011 ($11.99)*
Chateau Malavieille Rouge Permien 2009 ($15.99)
Le Cirque Rouge 2011 ($15.99)*
Domaine Cabirau ‘Serge & Tony’ 2007 ($15.99)
Domaine Cabirau ‘Serge & Nicolas’ Maury Sec 2011 ($19.99)*
Domaine de Lancyre Roussanne 2011 ($22.99)

*indicates ones I particularly enjoyed and would seek out again 

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