Out On A Limb – 4th Share

A little late, but here’s my last share of the Out on a Limb Apple CSA. Pictured from upper left: Tolman Sweet, Black Oxford, Winter Banana, Northern Spy, Yellow Bellflower, and American Golden Russets. 
All of these varieties are recommended for storage, meaning not only do they last a long time, but improve in flavor and texture with time too. After feeling the pressure of having to eat my apples before the next share, I was left a little like, what if I want an apple now? My vegetable CSA share has ended too, and I’m feeling a little bereft of fresh food. 
Notice the variety of colors in this share, especially compared to my Week One share, which looked like this: 

Good luck telling those varieties apart! 
Now all my apples are gone, used up in a seriously amazing apple cake and a Thanksgiving apple pie. I already miss having too many apples. 
If you’re interested in signing up for a share of Out on a Limb’s apple CSA, sign up for their newsletter on their site, and you’ll receive an email in the spring. 
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