Out On A Limb CSA – 3rd Share

This is my third of a share from the 3rd delivery of the Out On A Limb CSA. Eight varieties of apples this time – the most yet. 
Clockwise from top: Cox’s Orange Pippin, Wolf River, Nodhead, Wagener, Pomme Grise, Whitefield, Westfield-Seek-No-Further. (I think. I made careful notes and am still confused. I am eating the one pictured far right, and it’s delicious. But I have no idea what variety it is.) 
The last share was made into a crisp using Grandy Oat granola in the topping. Just mix with a little brown sugar, butter, flour, and spices and sprinkle over sugar, lemon juice coated apples. The mix of apples created not only complex flavors, but was a nice mix of textures too (some broke down, some stayed in chunks). 
I am impressed with people’s (seemingly Mainers’) ability to remember which apples are good for what. I need a crisp, tart variety for this recipe? I have no idea. Some people up here are all, oh, you need Jonah Gold. Um, OK. Good on ya. 
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