Poutine Files: Little Tap House and Blue Rooster Food Co.

Do you want the good news first or the bad news? I like to end on a happy note, so we’ll have to start, unfortunately, at Little Tap House.
My first look at LTH was promising – but the poutine fell short. Namely, lacking in cheese curds (there are a few? by the fork?) and covered in beef brisket and au jus. No. I need gravy. 
I feel terrible condemning this, as LTH is a lovely place. But this “Why Can’t Americans Get Poutine Right” rant covers it with #3. America tries to “improve” upon poutine. NO. 

The fries were good, and I look forward to trying them plain next to a burger (which was voted the best pub-style burger in Maine by Eater Maine readers). But I will continue my search for the best poutine in Portland.

Bayside Bowl is officially too late to the party, after months of gently suggesting *ahem* that they serve totine or tater tot poutine, now that Blue Rooster Food Co. has beaten them to the punch. 
I was surprised to not love totine as much as I imagined I would. I think soggy tots failed me – gravy-logged fries are great, but it fails to transfer to tots. That aside, this was really stellar. Dispatch Magazine writer Conner Tubbs says it best: “Tater tot poutine. Boom. Mind freak… I died. You’re gonna die guys. It’s so good.”
I was more like, yeah, yeah, this is good. I can eat this (oh god, can I really eat this?), I’m doing it, I’m eating it. I ate it, I need a nap. 
Stay tuned! Still looking! Right meow, Hot Suppa! is the poutine to beat. 
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