The Peach Haul

I bought a case of peaches. It looks like this: 
…times about 40. 
I’ve never gotten too into buying peaches when they’re in season in Maine, since they’re very expensive. I’d imagine peaches aren’t too prolific in Maine, since places like Georgia are better known for their peach growing abilities, causing the price to reflect that small supply. 
But at $45 for 25 pounds, I was happy to pick up a case and start dreaming of recipes. So far, I’ve found peach salsa, peach barbecue sauce, spirited peaches (probably with Bourbon), and peach jam (either also with Bourbon or more Bellini jam). (…Actually, I think I can add Bourbon to all of those recipes.)
I will of course update you with recipes! 

I picked the peaches up out at Maple Springs Farm in Harrison with Vrylena. The peaches are from Connecticut, and after a few days, they are now ripe and taste and smell divine. I’m excited to roll up my sleeves and start canning tonight. 
If you are interested in purchasing your own case of peaches, Mark of the Peaches is going to make another run by the end of the month. Email him at  
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