Love Stinks: Drink Beer Instead

Valentine’s Day: a holiday that has been discussed to death in the blogosphere, for sure. If you’re looking to avoid the prix fixe affairs, but don’t want to sit at home on Tuesday night like a shunned single, come check out this first pouring of Bunker Brewing Company.

Apparently this new brewery is a project of Jay Villani’s of Sonny’s and Local 188. In addition to the beer, I’m looking forward to some man spotting. I was disappointed by the clientele at the last Local 188 beer event I went to- the Estrella Dam release was just a lot of suits talking to each other. Hopefully the later hour and the hipper location will draw a younger crowd that’s looking to talk (helloooo, I’m cute, and I like beer!!).

If, however, you need to find some of that prix fixe shit, check out the Maine Today round-up and, as always, the ever comprehensive Portland Food Map.

This is the first installation in the O-rama series, a collective project in which food bloggers write on a theme.

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