Garbage Cookies

After my failed attempt at recreating the finicky momofuku compost cookies, I concluded that it’d be much easier to take your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and just add a bunch of your favorite snack foods and candy.

So when I told someone I was doing so, they exclaimed, you’re making garbage cookies!  So apparently it’s like, a thing.  And I’m a little late to the party.

These cookies aren’t too ‘garbage-y’ (er, yum); in addition to chocolate chips, I added peanut butter M&Ms and crushed pretzels.  I was after that sweet-salty combo I love so much.

The cookies baked up perfectly after 12 minutes, and while at first I thought they tasted a little ‘baking soda-y,’ after a few days, that flavor seems to have evened out.  (Tip: if you’re bringing baked goods to someone and think there’s a flaw, don’t point it out before they try them!  Chances are they won’t notice.)

And I followed a tip I never have before- I froze extra portioned out dough!  Now I can have cookies on demand.  My favorite trick being to half cook them and serve them warm with vanilla ice cream.  Yum.

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