>Cupcakes with Salted Carmel Buttercream, Bacon Praline


Does anyone else use baking in lieu of therapy? Or as stress relief? And I’m not just talking about the part where you eat a bunch of sugar and butter to feel better.

But I’ve found the act of baking- following a recipe and meticulously (sometimes ::cough::) measuring ingredients takes my mind off of a bad day. Or a series of unfortunate events, if you will.

So when I’d had a few bumps along the road one morning, I decided I’d make a batch of the trendiest baked goods I could muster. Cupcakes to start. Salted caramel in the frosting. Bacon praline on top.


I used Joy the Baker’s recipe for Brown Sugar Cupcakes (side note: I love Joy the Baker, check her out; she’s fun and lives in California with a cute cat).

Give Me Some Oven provided the recipe for the Salted Caramel Buttercream frosting, and Alton Brown the recipe for the bacon praline.

I apologize in advance for introducing these things into your life. They might take over. But sometimes you just need to retreat from life into the kitchen and let the trends guide you.

Do it. I won’t judge.

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6 Responses to >Cupcakes with Salted Carmel Buttercream, Bacon Praline

  1. >Oh man, too bad my fiancee's birthday was Monday. He would have died of happiness if I made these for him.Laura

  2. >you made these??? they look positively amazing!! and I totally agree about culinarytherapy.

  3. Beth says:

    >I always use baking as therapy!

  4. >I agree — both baking and cooking are like meditation for me…I always feel better afterwards…between the act of doing it, the aroma, and the taste, it's quite wonderful!

  5. Anne says:

    >I like this post on so many fronts!

  6. teh bobbi says:

    >I am pretty sure I am going to have to try these cupcakes out, but minus the bacon (I don't eat meat!)

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