Havana South Review

As I’ve told you before, I like the bar at Havana South. The service is good, it’s full, but not too busy, and the drinks are interesting and well-priced. So M. and I frequently go there for drinks, but when we ventured into the bar snacks, we received tepid, uninspiring food. However, we decided to give a try for brunch last Sunday.

I struggle to find a brunch spot in Portland that I a) like and b) can get into without waiting for an hour. For example: Becky’s and Caiola’s- long wait that’s not worth it. Bintliff’s, Hot Suppa!, worth it, but huge wait. Miss Portland Diner, not that great, but no wait. Hm, Local 188- huge wait? I must remember to find out next brunch craving. Anyways… Havana South unfortunately falls into the, ‘not that great, no wait,’ category.

After a round of drinks (Mimosa for me and a spicy Bloody Mary for M.) and a crunchy savory, cheese and chive scone, I received the Lobster Benedict with Fennel Hollandaise and Huitlacoche.

The presentation of the dish was beautiful, but the taste fell a little short. The corn meal cakes were underdone and added a distracting wet, mushy texture. The flavor of the fennel in the hollandaise, the earthiness of the huitlacoche, and the lobster never came together. The homefries were the best part, as I liked their spice mix- one with a little sweetness.

M. ordered the Roasted Vegetable Tortilla, which is a Spanish dish that is much like a Fritatta. His dish was a little luke warm, and as you can see, suffered from a serious lack of color. Brown gruel, anyone?

The flavor didn’t make up for the temperature and appeal issues; it tasted a bit like a cold leftover rice loaf (no actual rice, just the taste). M. slathered ketchup on it to salvage it. Surprisingly, the bartender said that a group of women (down the bar from us) returned week after week to order that particular dish. So, not to our tastes, but some people like it!

We had a lovely time at Havana, but unfortunately, the food wasn’t good enough to make us want to return for a meal any time soon. Again, I guess we’ll stick to drinks at the bar.

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