Ramps: A Little Help?

OK, now what?

I totally didn’t pay attention while all the other bloggers were raving about their recent ramp preparations. Pickled is all I got… any other ideas? Thanks!

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5 Responses to Ramps: A Little Help?

  1. Just season and roast them. Simple is best methinks.

  2. maineacalum says:

    http://spoonfulnyc.com/ has a pickling recipe but also says "You can treat them like onions or leeks and add to a soup, or scramble with eggs, or use them to add a little kick to steak or burgers." Let me know if you do any crazy ramp experiments…

  3. How about a remoulade sauce? You could use them in place of shallots, OR you could use your pickled ramps in it…on some fried local fish…or crabmeat with a poached egg and remoulade on top. Or how about some lightly caramelized ramps on a pissaladiere?

  4. Yeah my dad had these at b bistro last week and they just sauteed them with wild mushrooms. dad went crazy that he could have them for dinner!

  5. Brad says:

    They are really good sautéed and served with pasta. You need to separate the bulbs from the greens to allow the bulbs to cook longer. The greens will blow up like balloons when you do this, which is funny to look at. Then pasta, olive oil, some cheese, whatever else you like.

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