The Feast of the Irish

Our St. Patty’s Day dinner was corned beef, Irish soda bread, colcannon, and boiled green cabbage. Pretty traditional, pretty delicious! The soda bread was particularly great, with buttermilk (first time I’ve cooked with it). It came out so moist and delicious! The recipe will be forthcoming, when I’m near the Joy.

Thanks for being patient with the Internet outage, I’m back on track now, hooray!

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One Response to The Feast of the Irish

  1. Anonymous says:

    boo, there are no Philly Cheesesteak listings for Rhode Island! I'm reading your blog to get myself through a very empty shift at work- that green tomato/lobster sandwich looks insanely tasty! Ours are finally ripening (yay!)but I'm sure some will stay green bc of the blight; I'll have to attempt a cooking mission (i.e. killing my second ever crustacean friend).Shaun thought of something after sushi the other day- he made roasted garlic olive oil a while ago; it's in a jar in the cabinet… are we going to get botulism from eating it? We figured you'd be the expert to ask.Thanks for entertaining me at work! Happy cooking :)Margot

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